Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Casting Rendezvous

Back from Catskill, NY to attend the first FFF/CFFMC Casting Rendezvous organized by the Wild Trout Flyrodders. (wow, lots of letters in there :-))

A two days event for the public to freshen up their casting with the help of qualified instructors as well as a little "Continuing education for Instructors" time with presentations and demos.
All and all a fine w-e... if you disregard mother nature. Friday large downpour turned the rivers chocolate brown and the cold and steady wind made standing on the Museum lawn next to the river a little... uncomfortable.

This said, fishermen being a sturdy bunch they were casting and demoing away to the joy of those present.
Yours truly had the privilege of offering a little presentation in a warm and iconic Catskill Fly Fishing Center & Museum that was a success.

A few picts to give you a taste of the event...

If you are in the sector next year at that time, i strongly suggest you stop by. Plenty of good instructors available for a tune-up... really worth it!

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